Frequently Asked Questions

What is NFC?
N(ear)F(ield)C(ommunications) is a short range (about 5cm, 2in) wireless communication technology that allows simple and safe electronic communications between two devices. NFC provides great opportunities to engage with customers and retain them. There are three modes of communication now with device/tag communication being one of them. This means a user with a NFC enabled device taps an electrode or tag (a NFC chip) to retreive information. Applications in each of the three modes are rapidly expanding and NFC is already being used for mobile wallets like Google Wallet. Besides Google other big companies like Nokia and Blackberry are investing heavily into the technology of NFC. NFC will more and more become part of our daily lives.

How does NFC work?
The user, your customer, simply taps a NFC tag (the electrode) with a NFC enabled phone. Then the content you have entered on the site, and which is programmed on the tag by NFCtagwriter, can be accessed by the customer. There are numerous possibilities to engage with your customer through the internet using tags containing URL's. Besides that your customer can conveniently set up a SMS, call request or a tag can be used as an electronic business card.

How does NFCtagwriter work?
On NFCtagwriter you have the possibility to customize tags as you please so your customer can go to an URL of interest to leverage your brand and/or products. Besides that the URL tag can help you retain and build your customer base by letting the user "like you" on Facebook or "follow you" on twitter. NFCtagwriter also offers tags which can be used for setting up a call, a sms or send over a vCard. We offer a range of stickers for use with your NFC tags to give the user a clear picture of what he can expect when tapping a tag. If you need any customizing or specials please feel free to contact us.

What is the difference between NFC and QR codes?
NFC enabled devices have NFC chips embedded into the device. This means no extra software has to be installed on the device. Besides that NFC has a quick response time. Within a second the tag has been read and the user has access to the content you provided to be programmed on the tag. On top of that extra programming possibilites exists because a NFC tag actually contains data. This makes more advanced applications possible, for example with the use of custom software installed on the NFC devices.

What are the benefits of NFC for the customer/user?
Research has shown that customers like to use NFC because it saves time, saves money, its fun, reduces stress and it is convenient and cool.

How secure are the tags?
When the programming of the tag is finished they CAN be set to read only and the information cannot be changed by normal means. We offer you the option to select rewritable or read only tags.

Is a blank NFC sticker also a sticker?
Yes the NFC tags we sell stick themselves as well. In addition we offer recognisable stickers, these stickers are being placed on top of the NFC tag.

I still have questions
If you still have questions about NFC or NFCtagwriter feel free to contact us!