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About NFCtagwriter

NFCtagwriter is THE most convenient service for ordering inexpensive (pre)programmed NFC tags. Customers have the opportunity to order tags with URL's, SMS messages, Call Requests, contact information (vCards). These tags can be used with NFC enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets. The customer can order a specific recognisable sticker together with the NFC chip. Besides the standard programmed tags customers can order fully customized tags on demand.

NFCtagwriter is part of SystemForce, a company located in the Netherlands. The company strives to be acknowledged as one of the best world wide services for ordering programmed NFC tags and wants to enable its customers to profit from the use of Near Field Communications technology. Our people and their affiliates together have more than 10 years experience with project management and have successfully started up and managed IT companies before. Our programmers are amongst the best performing students from the local Twente University.