NFC tags Programmed NFC Tags Set of NFC Tags

We offer our tags at very low prices, for example the NTAG203 from 0.79 eurocents and the Mifare Classic 1k for only 0.65 eurocent at low quantities! All our tags are formatted, of excellent quality from amongst others the brand Smartrac, performance guaranteed.

We can deliver tags programmed and ready for immediate use. We have our own software for that, we can also tune the software to your needs so you can use it yourself.

We compiled some Tag Packs for you from the most commonly used NFC Tags, the packs are slightly better priced than the individual tags. We also deliver the widely used NFC reader/writer from ACS.

NFC chips / NFC tags

NFCtagwriter offers NFC chips (also called NFC tags) from amongst others the manufacturer Smatrac. We deliver several types of NFC tags for a wide range of applications. We offer the NFC chips blank, coded as well as read only or rewritable. Programming is based on the input you give in the order process. You can also select appropriate stickers with your tags.


NFC technology

NFC is a short range (5 cm / 2 in.) wireless communication technology that allows simple and safe electronic communications between two devices. By simply checking a NFC tag with a NFC enabled phone the user can for example access a website, set up a call, set up a SMS or import a vCard. NFC is quickly becoming an industry standard and has huge potential for leveraging your business.