Loyalty programs

With the user friendliness of NFC its easy to encourage customers to follow loyalty programs.

Ticketing and payment transactions

With a NFC sticker on the back on the phone you can pay in stores or acccess events and transportation facilities.

Product Authentication

Tracking back the origin of products can be done with NFC tags.

Social Media

Enhance the use of social media with NFC. With NFC tags its easy to let users check in to locations, follow a company or share something.

Retail Environment

For the retail environment NFC offers unique possibilities to interact with users. It easier to let users follow loyalty programs, make use of discounts, marketing campaings.

Consumer products

NFC tags can be added to consumers products like electronics and toys to enhance the experience or to inform consumers with online manuals.


Accurate and reliable information from locations for orentation, navigation, acccess control and localisation purposes.

Advertisements & media

Attach NFC tags to physical media to let users access online content fast or deliver a marketing message via SMS or Text fields.

Business Cards

With NFC you can easily share contact details. The next generation of business cards!